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Key Milestones


  • Bunchball is founded with an initial focus on developing casual games. After working in this area for a year, Bunchball founder Rajat Paharia realizes there is enormous potential in taking the well-understood mechanics that make games compelling and applying them to non-gaming sites and online properties. He names the concept “Gamification," and an industry category is born.


  • Bunchball introduces Nitro, the industry's  first gamification platform. The pioneering solution is cloud-based and delivered as a service, so implementation and ongoing management are simple and cost-effective.


  • Bunchball expands its client roster, helping top-tier brands like Comcast and USA Networks understand how gamification can drive customer engagement to grow revenues, build brand awareness and enhance customer loyalty.


  • Jim Scullion, noted Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur, joins Bunchball as CEO.
  • Bunchball also launches Nitro Analytics, a powerful analytics engine, and establishes a partnership with leading loyalty provider Maritz to “gamify” customer loyalty and employee engagement.


  • Bunchball Nitro, now available as Ver. 3.5, serves more than 70 million unique users and 2.3 billion actions per month.
  • Bunchball announces it has doubled its customer base in the past year, adding Bravo, Playboy and other leading brands to its roster.
  • In June, Bunchball closes $6.5 million in new funding to fuel its growth. 
  • In August, Nitro for Salesforce launches on's AppExchange in advance of Dreamforce 2011, where Bunchball's gamification solution for Salesforce customers wins the AppQuest '11 competition.


  • In March, Bunchball unleashes a new version of Nitro -- codenamed Flamethrower -- that continues the company's pioneering history by introducing personalization to gamification.
  • A partnership with Jive Software produces the Jive Gamification Module to bring personalized gamification to the Jive social business platform.
  • In another industry first, Bunchball Labs is established to quantify the business impact of gamification.
  • To help customers quickly gamify their online experiences, Bunchball launches a series of Integrated Nitro Solutions designed to provide out-of-the-box gamification to solve specific business problems. Bunchball also debuts Nitro Connectors to integrate Bunchball solutions with leading enterprise applications and tools.
  • After five years of R&D and 44 releases, Bunchball Nitro remains the industry's leading gamification platform, with a growing number of enterprises relying on Bunchball's gamification solutions to enage customers and employees. New customers include: T-Mobile, AMD, Intuit, NetApp, Cisco, Toyota, Bluewolf, MTV and more.