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How a Digital Engagement Platform Can Help You Make Better Strategic Decisions About Your Call Center

How a Digital Engagement Platform Can Help You Make Better Strategic Decisions About Your Call Center

John Andrews


Director of Product Marketing

Call centers are fundamental to the customer experience, and the customer experience is key for driving sales and revenue. That’s why call center managers are constantly on the look-out for ways to improve operational efficiencies and performance overall.

Here’s a case in point: We recently helped a customer that needed a fresh approach to a variety of traditional call center challenges. Specifically, the call center managers at this company wanted to decrease employee attrition, increase IT service associate and manager engagement, improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs.

How were they able to tackle all of that –without asking call center agents to learn yet another new system? They did it by integrating Bunchball’s digital engagement platform, Nitro, into their Salesforce Service Cloud deployment.

Our digital engagement platform adds gamification and big data analytics to existing systems to generate what we at Bunchball call “performance enhancing data.” Businesses can then combine that performance enhancing data with other data to create a complete picture of what’s happening in the workplace. This comprehensive view helps guide better strategic decisions.

These particular call center managers leveraged Nitro’s capabilities to gain insights into the activities recorded by Salesforce Service Cloud. They wanted to learn more about what the call center agents were doing and how they could be motivated to improve performance. To that end, the managers monitored several key performance indicators, including:

  • Quality Score
  • Adherence (%)
  • Availability (%)
  • Case closure count         
  • Adoption
  • Engagement

Based on the results, our customer was able to revise its strategy and significantly improve call center performance.

Want to learn more about how a digital engagement platform can enhance your Salesforce Service Cloud deployment and help your call center staff deliver quality service more efficiently and effectively?

Watch our on-demand webinar, hosted in partnership with Bluewolf: Clean Your Customer Data, Engage Your Agents

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