Ford of Canada Success Story

How Ford Motor Company of Canada shifted sales, parts and service teams into high gear

Goal: Train, motivate, and support sales, parts and service employees to deliver the optimal customer experience and increase sales.

Challenge: Ford needed to make a successful training and certification program even better with increased usage, better utilization of existing resources, and by encouraging informal and formal learning.

Solution: Motivate dealership employees to make more use of the courses and resources available to them by rewarding exploration and demonstration of knowledge gained within a collaborative online community.

Step 1: Add levels to performance tasks and missions, encouraging participants to “Gear Up”.

Step 2: Make badges earned visible in a virtual trophy case that enhances reputations.

Step 3: Encourage competition with individual and team leaderboards.

Step 4: Sustain knowledge through resource − and accomplishment − triggered trivia challenges.

Step 5: Enable users to show off their accomplishments by creating a virtual Dream Garage.

Results: From day one, the site experienced a burst of activity with over 100,000 unique visits. By week five, actions per user more than doubled, and total actions increased another 60%. Engagement with the portal increased with all employees, and a positive correlation between engagement and key sales and satisfaction performance indicators was proven.