SolarWinds Success Story

How SolarWinds empowered customers to help each other and improve products

Goal: Create a collaborative online community of network engineers to reduce call center costs and contribute to product development in a meaningful way.

Challenge: SolarWinds, a software company that develops and markets IT management software, looks to customers for growth and development of their purpose-built products. Online support communities often suffer from spotty response of limited assistance with great ideas buried comment threads.

Solution: Create a scalable points system to stimulate high value activities and missions within the SolarWinds thwack community, a Jive Social Platform with the Advanced Gamification Module from Bunchball.

Step 1: Transform onlookers into mission specialists with an easy introduction and incentives to accumulate points.

Step 2: Reward contributors based on the quality of the support they provide and give them status within the community.

Step 3: Boost activity by encouraging groups to compete with one another to provide the most useful support.

Step 4: Reward members who contribute useful product extensions in a “Content Exchange” based on the level of adoption by others.

Results: SolarWinds sustained high levels of engagement after a dramatic spike in activity with a 50% increase in discussion posts, a 57% increase in monthly users contributing content, and a 157% increase in the frequency of content uploads. A 16% increase in use questions and answers was matched by a whopping 290% increase in user validation and a 29% increase in content downloads.