Nitro for IBM Connections Gamification

Nitro for IBM Connections

Bunchball Nitro for IBM Connections puts the most advanced gamification engine inside your social software platform and motivates employees to join, learn, and contribute to IBM Connections communities in meaningful ways.

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A collaboration network is only as good as the contributions of its online community members. Bunchball Nitro for IBM Connections gives your network of experts the edge by boosting participation and deepening employee engagement. As members accomplish goals, gain status, and earn rewards, they become frequent and valued contributors, helping your organization engage the right people to drive innovation and deliver results.

Shift the conversation into IBM Connections

Nitro for IBM Connections helps you avoid the Achilles heel of social software: getting people to use it. Pre-built components and proven program designs quickly bring new members into the conversation and keep them engaged.

  • Accelerate onboarding of new members with pre-built missions to introduce key features
  • Encourage employees to make Connections part of their daily workflow with levels, points and leaderboards
  • Inspire collaboration and knowledge sharing with virtual and physical rewards
  • Show members their progress and influence across all relevant communities in a personalized achievement center
  • Promote activity aligned to your business with personalized goals, social engagement, and meaningful rewards

Inspire employee collaboration with game mechanics

Nitro for IBM Connections makes it easy to create teams, influence participation, and reward members who achieve specific business objectives and goals. Robust analytics help you refine and personalize your challenges to create the most business value.

  • Get going quickly with ready-to-use leaderboards, missions, notifications, badges, levels, and newsfeeds or create your own
  • Target, deploy, and measure individual or team challenges based on hundreds of specific activities
  • Assign challenges based on group, role, geography, past behavior and more
  • Gain insight into what motivates your members with robust analytics and expert reports
  • Incent high-performing members with community visibility and recognition or physical and virtual rewards

Create a seamless experience out of the box

Nitro is the most widely used and most powerful gamification engine available. Our proven cloud-based service is the only gamification engine with a turn-key solution for use with IBM Connections. IBM is one of Bunchball’s strategic partners.

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