Nitro for Salesforce Gamification

Nitro for Salesforce

Bunchball Nitro for Salesforce puts the most advanced gamification engine inside your Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and motivates employees to sell more and deliver better service.

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With stronger adoption and more high-value usage of Salesforce, you have better quality data to forecast sales and manage service resources. Easy-to-launch campaigns and immediate feedback motivate sales teams and engage service groups, leading to stronger performance, better product knowledge, and lower turnover—keys drivers of growth and profitability.

Accelerate Salesforce adoption with game mechanics

Nitro for Salesforce is a turn-key gamification solution that puts game mechanics inside the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud console. Pre-built components and proven program designs challenge employees to learn and use Salesforce every time they open the application.

  • Bring on new employees faster with easy, introductory challenges integrated into Salesforce
  • Expand utilization of Salesforce with progressive challenges that increase ROI
  • Improve data with points, challenges and rewards tied to quality, not just quantity
  • Encourage competition and collaboration with custom and public leaderboards
  • Promote social activity with integrations to Chatter and other social networks

Optimize sales and service performance

Nitro for Salesforce makes it easy to launch contests and spiffs that challenge teams, inspire collaboration, and reward employees. Set up targeted challenges, push them out and watch your employees compete to exceed their quotas.

  • Apply gamification strategies designed for sales and service roles and objectives
  • Create, deploy, and measure individual or team challenges
  • Quickly add pre-built missions, badges, and notifications or create your own
  • Assign challenges based on group, role, geography, past behavior and more
  • Amp up the competition with public leaderboards that rank on your choice of metrics
  • Gain insight into what motivates your audience with robust analytics and expert reports
  • Make it as easy or as challenging as you like to redeem points for badges, levels, and physical or virtual goods

Create a seamless experience with rich rewards

Nitro is the most widely used and most powerful gamification engine available. Our proven cloud-based service is the only gamification engine with a deep integration into both Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

  • Turn-key solution for use with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
  • Automate incentive programs out of the box with leaderboards, rewards, and contests
  • Track activity across platforms and devices with ready-to-use reports and analytics
  • Integrate with Chatter, Facebook, Twitter, and more for better activity tracking and more rewards
  • Monitor activities on social channels in real time
  • Develop innovative strategies and effective measures of success with our accomplished client services team

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