Employee Development

Accelerate Employee Development with Gamification

Challenge: Finding Time to Increase Productivity

Employee development and workplace learning initiatives often take the back seat to more direct business drivers. Yet, effective professional development and robust learning communities can have a real, measurable impact on productivity, compliance, and retention.

  • When employees fail to adopt enterprise processes and software, promised ROI goes unrealized.
  • Rote completion of mandatory courses minimizes information retention and utilization.
  • Employees do not see accomplishing learning tasks as part of a larger goal or mission.
  • Busy professionals lack incentives for casual sharing, contributors to innovation and new insights.

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Solution: Make Employee Development Part of Every Day

Bunchball gamification takes your learning content, adds game mechanics, and layers it into existing digital experiences. By applying the same principles that inspire people to play games – achievements, status, and rewards – your employees put learning and collaboration at the top of their to-do list. With Bunchball Nitro gamification platform you can:

  • Bring on new employees faster by starting with easy, introductory missions
  • Encourage mastery with progressive missions, leveling, and goals targeting individuals or teams
  • Keep it interesting with limited availability, time-based, and personal achievement goals
  • Create groups and competitions to promote positive team behavior and compel action
  • Make social sharing a daily practice, recognized in leaderboards, notifications, and newsfeeds
  • Gain insight into what motivates employees to learn and share through robust analytics and expert reports

Move the Needle: KPIs

By tracking activities and responses to incentives, Bunchball helps you make real, measurable improvements to your key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Increase course completion rates and certifications
  • Expand activity and resource usage, and encourage voluntary learning
  • Raise employee satisfaction and reduce turnover
  • Boost collaboration and sharing in social platforms
  • Identify behaviors that correlate with better performance

Bunchball Nitro

Bunchball combines the most advanced gamification technology with the deepest expertise and the best execution track record to deliver real, measurable results. Our proven, cloud-based gamification engine integrates easily with enterprise apps and portals to increase your ROI. Learn more about Bunchball Nitro.