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New with Nitro 4.3

In 2007, Bunchball invented the gamification industry with the release of the Nitro Gamification Platform, which gives businesses the technology and power to engage users with game mechanics in any digital experience. With the 4.3 release of its Nitro Gamification Engine - codenamed Flamethrower - Bunchball is reinventing gamification and ushering in next generation gamification, giving businesses the ability to sustainably engage users with highly personalized, collaborative, and rewarding game mechanics.

First generation gamification is similar to first generation Amazon... the same storefront for everyone.  All Amazon customers saw the same items displayed, the same deals, and recommendations.  First generation gamification was similar, and site-centric. All users saw the same missions, challenges, achievements and rewards

Now Amazon has a different store for each buyer that reflects that buyer's likes and dislikes, targeted recommendations and a clearly personalized feel.  With Nitro 4.3, we've added that same personalization to gamification.  Users expect an experience that speaks to their individual interests and preferences.   They don't want generic, one-size fits all missions anymore, and it won't sustainably engage them.  With Nitro 4.3, our customers can create personalized gamification programs aimed at meeting the interests of specific users. 

With Flamethrower, every business can now leverage next gen gamification techniques:

Personalization: Map the missions to the user

With Nitro 4.3, Bunchball customers can create specific, relevant missions for specific users to maximize engagement and participation.  For example, a sales organization might have inside sales people focused on generating leads, field sales reps focused on selling bigger deals to new clients with long sales cycles, and account managers responsible for growing business from existing accounts. Now you can establish unique, personalized missions for each of those roles, all within the same environment and instance of Nitro, on any platform.

Collaboration: Winning with others

With Nitro 4.3, Bunchball customers can create any number of teams based on any criteria, and create any number of specific goals and missions for that team to pursue.   For example, the customer service team may have a mission to increase customer satisfaction by 25% this quarter, and the renewals team may have a mission to secure 10 renewals this month. When you're part of a team and responsible for that team's success or failure, you're highly motivated to participate and contribute to achieve your team's goals.

Rewards:  Gratification is Motivation

While badges help onboard and activate users in programs, the novelty of receiving a badge can fade quickly and users expect a more rewarding outcome for participating in programs. Whether getting access to exclusive content, collecting sets of virtual goods, or receiving recognition among peers, next gen gamification recognizes that users expect meaningful rewards to sustainably engage in programs.  Flamethrower offers end-to-end fulfillment of virtual or physical rewards.  Creating a store with a range of items - and making that store available to users, creates a powerful incentive to stay engaged.  Nitro's redemption technology, coupled with our partnerships with loyalty merchandise providers, let's businesses satisfy user's needs for meaningful rewards.

Nitro 4.3 is available to Bunchball customers today!