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Creating Brand Advocates in a Noisy World

Creating Brand Advocates in a Noisy World


By Caroline Japic, Vice President, Marketing

It’s noisy out there. Your brand marketing efforts not only compete with those of your competitors, but also the tweets, posts, pins, video shares, likes, status updates and blogs that clog the digital zeitgeist.

So how do you cut through it all to create a clear, positive brand image among all the chatter? By creating brand advocates to tell your story for you.

No wonder companies around the world are looking for new and better ways engage with their customers. Engaged customers are three times more likely to recommend or advocate a product or service to a friend. In other words, engaged customers do a lot of heavy lifting for marketers.

Getting there requires making a shift from transactions to engagement, and that in turn requires new approaches. Gamification in particular is creating new ways of furthering relationships, crafting longer-term engagement, creating transformational business models and playing a key role in driving customer incentive and loyalty for brands.

At noon CDT on Friday, I’ll be presenting an American Marketing Association webinar that lays out the case for using gamification to make that digital transformation. We’ll look at a series of case studies showing how gamification is being adopted by leading brands to drive deeper customer engagement in areas such as audience engagement, customer loyalty and customer community engagement.

We’ll also look at how to achieve the consumer motivation KPIs you care about most – increased registrations, improved sales conversions, more traffic from social networking sites – and how market leaders are evolving their gamification efforts from short-term adoption to sustained, long-term engagement.

Sign up for this free webinar today, and find out how you can cut through the noise to create legions of advocates for your brand.

Creating Brand Advocates with Gamification

AMA Webc@st
Noon  CDT
1 hour
Register here:


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