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GSummit, Rockstars and Loyalty

GSummit, Rockstars and Loyalty


By Caroline Japic, Vice President, Marketing

Today’s loyalty programs are like the Bruce Willis character in the movie The Sixth Sense. They’re dead, they just don’t know it yet.

Loyalty programs have failed at creating actual loyalty, at keeping up with a rapidly changing world, and at engaging all the constituents that matter: customers, partners and employees. It’s time to take back the word “loyalty” and make it actually mean something.

This isn’t news to those who attended GSummit 2013 (April 16-18 in San Francisco) and the Gamification Rockstar Road Show (April 23 in New York).  At both events, Rajat Paharia, the Father of gamification, described how we’re now entering the age of Loyalty 3.0 – which takes us well beyond basic incentives and rewards programs.  By utilizing the Big Data generated by your constituents as they constantly interact with you online, combining it with an understanding of human motivation, and using the data-driven motivational techniques of gamification, you can motivate, engage and create true loyalty.

Why the focus on loyalty? Because loyalty not only breeds engagement, it breeds sustained engagement, which leads to ongoing participation and regular collaboration. So even if you’re a company trying to encourage employees to adopt a new enterprise platform, loyalty is the end game. You want workers not just to try the new platform, but to make it part of their daily workflow. That’s loyalty.

At GSummit and the Gamification Rockstar Roadshow, Rajat offered a sneak peak into the insights readers will find in his new book from McGraw-Hill, “Loyalty 3.0: How to Revolutionize Customer and Employee Engagement with Big Data and Gamification.  And he spotlighted some customers who are showing the rest of us how adopting Loyalty 3.0 fundamentals delivers results.

Mixing a Nitro and Attracting Giants

GSummit proved to be an exciting venue for the Loyalty 3.0 story, and for Bunchball. Our booth attracted enormous interest, and we even mixed up a special attraction at our in-booth bar: a cocktail called NITRO. It was a GSummit hit: a red-orange wonder that, like our award-winning gamification platform of the same name, delivers quite a punch.

The following week, we packed up all that positive energy and buzz and shipped it to New York, where a fascinating crowd of innovators gathered at our latest installment of the Gamification Rockstar Roadshow. Who attended? Major airlines. Media giants. Financial services companies. Pharmaceutical industry leaders. Ivy League universities.

They all came to Times Square for an impeccable program that featured industry leaders sharing how they’ve succeeded in building true loyalty among customers, employees and communities.

Want to learn more? Pre-order a copy of Rajat’s book, Loyalty 3.0, or contact us here at Bunchball. Or better yet, do both.

Who knows? You might be so successful at building loyalty that you’ll feel like the lead character in another Bruce Willis movie: Unbreakable.

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