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Loyalty 3.0 Now a New York Times Bestseller (and on Wall Street Journal, and Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, and…)

Loyalty 3.0 Now a New York Times Bestseller (and on Wall Street Journal, and Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, and…)


By Caroline Japic, Senior Vice President, Marketing

Rajat didn’t want to jinx it.

When he received word that his hot new book, Loyalty 3.0: How to Revolutionize Customer and Employee Engagement with Big Data and Gamification, was headed to the New York Times Best Seller List, he wanted to see it in print before anyone breathed a word of it.  Around here at Bunchball World Headquarters, we’ll remember those 24 hours as The Longest Day.

Well, it’s official. Loyalty 3.0 reached No. 5 on the latest New York Times Best Seller List for advice and how-to books. The results are based on sales for the week ending June 22.

Wait…it gets better: Also this week, Loyalty 3.0 soared to No. 3 on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List for hardcover business books.

This all builds on the momentum we announced last week, when Loyalty 3.0 was named the No. 1 best seller on Barnes & Noble’s and topped multiple best seller lists on In its first week of sales, Loyalty 3.0, published by McGraw-Hill, ranked as one of the top 200 books sold on Amazon, out of more than 8 million titles.   

Rajat’s new book has also met critical acclaim with a review by Dan Woods on  And earlier this week in Manhattan, readers lined up for autographs at a Loyalty 3.0 book signing. 

The reason Loyalty 3.0 is getting so much attention, so much traction, is because people recognize it as a guide to restoring what businesses of all kinds have seen eroding over the past few years: loyalty.  In the book, Rajat explains how companies large and small can use big data and the motivational science that drives gamification experiences to engage customers, employees and partners and build loyalty that lasts.

But you’ve heard enough from me. I’ll wrap up this blog in the best way possible, by sharing what readers themselves have to say:

  • “My copy of Loyalty 3.0 is now dog-eared and marked-up with all the ideas and facts that I've gleaned.”
  • “In my top 10 business books of all time.”
  • “I’ve been unable to put it down.”
  •   “Part TED talk, part behavioral economics textbook, and part real-world testimonial.”
  • “Clear and concise.”
  •  “A must read.”
  • “My only question now is who's going to take advantage of the Loyalty 3.0 equation, and who's going to get left behind?”
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