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Join the fight for the 80% - Gamification of Work

Join the fight for the 80% - Gamification of Work


Cross-posted from, where our Chief Revenue Officer, Steve Patrizi, blogs. 

A lot of people spend a lot of time doing something they don’t really like doing.

The average person will spend at least 90,000 hours working over the course of their lifetime, and 80% are dissatisfied with their job.  There are a number of reasons: infrequent recognition, ambiguous and non-achievable goals, and a lack of clarity into one’s progress and career path, among many.

Crazy, right? Life is way too short for that number of people to be dissatisfied, and we want to make it better. Let me explain.

Most of today’s knowledge workers will spend a sizable chunk of those 90,000+ working hours using software applications, many of which are optimized for speed and scale, but not always for human behavior. At Bunchball, we’re on a crusade to make every digital experience more enjoyable and rewarding for people and more productive and effective for businesses, and transform the way people do their jobs in the process. We think if we get that right, then everyone wins: people enjoy themselves and businesses achieve their goals. And when businesses achieve their goals, they hire more people, and around and around we go…

We do this by helping businesses use game mechanics like points, levels, challenges, and leaderboards to address a few basic yet powerful human motivators: achievement, status, and reward.

Game designers have long known that if you optimize for these motivators, people will spend hours earning points, leveling up and unlocking rewards. But they’re not the only ones who get this; the social networks figured out that showing people a progress bar is a great way to get them to complete their profiles, and the travel industry realized that people will fly your airline if you give them status and let them board before other people do. But why should they have all the fun?

For the past 4 years, we’ve been helping businesses use game mechanics to make their own consumer-facing experiences better, and now we’re bringing these same mechanics into the workplace. We want to help businesses optimize their internal applications and make those experiences more enjoyable and more rewarding for their employees.  We’re off to a great start - our Nitro for Salesforce app, which brings game mechanics to, won Best New App at’s DreamForce 2011 event, and we announced our partnership with Jive at their JiveWorld event last month where we’re helping to gamify their Engage platform. And we won’t rest until we help make all of the digital experiences in the enterprise better for users and better for businesses.

Join Bunchball, and join the fight for the 80%. Let’s make work better.

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