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Five Ways Gamification Improves Time Management Within The Enterprise

Five Ways Gamification Improves Time Management Within The Enterprise

Erika Blaney


Erika Blaney, Vice President, Marketing

As usual, February 2014 turned out to be great for groundhogs, Valentines, snow storms and Presidents’ Day sales. But did you know February has also been declared National Time Management Month?

So, before we turn the calendar to March, we’d like to help honor this unofficial “official” designation with a discussion about how gamification can help your employees better use their time. After all, as the old adage tells us, in business, time is money. But new survey results reveal that seven out of every ten workers (69%) waste time every single day. Doesn’t it make sense for you to do whatever you can to keep your employees engaged and motivated so they can be as effective, efficient and productive as possible?

Bunchball gamification solutions can help because:

Gamification accelerates employee development. Gamification takes your learning content, adds game mechanics and layers it into existing digital experiences. As a result, your training resources become better utilized –and that means new hires and partners can be onboarded faster, while veteran employees are inspired to stay up-to-date with professional development.

A gamified sales environment can boost sales performance . . . efficiently, effectively and sustainably. Because SPIFFs and traditional contests lack personalization, transparency and immediate feedback, they quickly lose their motivational power. In fact, most of them become nothing more than boring wastes of time. By contrast, gamification solutions use big data collected from online activities to continually motivate high-value action by your sales teams. Moreover, these challenges are automatically updated and assigned based on groups, roles, geography, past behaviors, etc., so your employees remain meaningfully engaged.

Fewer disgruntled customers means less time spent managing complaints. Robust internal social communities can benefit your company as a whole, but all too often, busy agents hold onto knowledge rather than sharing it. Gamification platforms can improve social sharing, and that in turn, has been shown to raise customer satisfaction rates and decrease time spent on customer inquiries.

Management can focus on other priorities. At Bunchball, we understand that managers don’t have time to track manual rewards programs. Once a gamification solution is in place, its embedded analytics and automated reports provide insight into what inspires your teams. (That means no more time wasted trying to figure how to keep them motivated!) Plus, our solutions continue to evolve and adapt as skill levels, incentives, etc. change.

Gamification helps clarify goals and ensure everyone on the team is pulling in the same direction. When your employees are engaged and motivated, they become effective, efficient and productive. Ultimately, that translates into time savings and true business value.

How did you “celebrate” National Time Management Month at your workplace? If you’ve done it right, you’ll have plenty of extra time on hand for National Craft Month, National Frozen Food Month and National Music In Our Schools Month - all coming up in March!

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