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Can Hiring Millennials Make Your Workplace Happier?

Can Hiring Millennials Make Your Workplace Happier?

Erika Blaney


Erika Blaney, Vice President, Marketing

Some see Millennials as needy, entitled and self-centered..

To others, they’re rugged, tech-savvy individualists, full of optimism and eager to collaborate when needed.

Either way, there’s no denying that Millennials are destined to have a powerful impact on the workplace.  Indeed, researchers estimate that by 2025, Generation Y (born 1978-1994) will comprise nearly 75 percent of the world’s workforce.

What does that mean for the company where you work? Will you be able to successfully leverage all the positives –and avoid all the negatives –that Millennials bring to the table?

If you’d like to learn more about how expectations for the work environment are changing and how gamification can help you evolve and adapt, I encourage you to vote “thumbs-up” for our proposed SXSW Interactive 2015 session, “Millennials Are Making Us Happier At Work.” 

As we’ve discussed before, employees are your company’s most important asset, and it’s more critical than ever to keep them engaged and productive. During this session, Rajat Paharia, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Bunchball, will be joined by Robin Jenkins, Marketing Manager, RMH Franchise Corporation. Robin and Rajat have seen first-hand how gamification has reduced turnover and increased employee engagement at Applebee’s restaurants.

Together, they will address all the hot-button issues that are keeping employers up at night, including:

  • How to increase employee engagement, productivity and retention
  • How to appeal to Millennials’ desire for “intrinsic” vs. “extrinsic” rewards
  • The elements of  "good design" for the workplace
  • How to use gamification to drive employee loyalty, engagement . . . and performance

Robin and I both know that using big data analytics to tap into universal human motivators can make work more engaging –and not just for Millennials, but for employees of all ages. In fact, we see this approach as the future of work, where employees across generations can expect to receive regular feedback, achieve mastery, derive purpose and be happier, overall.

We're excited to talk more about the latest research on how gamification impacts employee engagement, and I know Robin is eager to share real-world business results from RMH. Please head on over to the SXSW Interactive 2015 Session Panel Picker and vote a hearty thumbs-up for “Millennials Are Making Us Happier At Work.”

Thank you. We appreciate your support!

The Interview was conducted by Clark Buckner from TechnologyAdvice during the GSummit 2014 conference in San Francisco. TechnologyAdvice provides coverage content on gamification tools and trends including employee training software, sales contest strategies and much more.

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