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How A Digital Platform Can Improve HR

How A Digital Platform Can Improve HR

John Andrews


Director of Product Marketing

Analysts estimate that 60% of all companies are working on new enterprise HR strategies. Chief on their list of priorities: ways to improve engagement. After all, any tool, any system, any strategy will only be effective if people actually participate. That’s a big part of the reason why, as Josh Bersin, founder of Bersin by Deloitte, discussed earlier this year, there’s a major industry shift taking place:

A focus on ‘pre-hire to retire’ is becoming less relevant, stack ranking and performance management is being totally revamped, corporate training is undergoing a total transformation, and the concepts of ‘staffing and assessment’ are being replaced by a focus on corporate culture, engagement, work environment, and empowerment.

His point is clear: Engagement is absolutely fundamental. Why? Because if your company’s HR systems –whether that’s an LMS, an app, website or some other tool –fail to capture critical mass, you’ll never deliver the expected ROI. Worse still, you might end up with faulty projections, corrections or conclusions. Underperforming “systems of record” end up sapping resources and adding to workplace frustrations… which ends up discouraging participation even more… and so on.

Fortunately, a digital engagement platform can help break that vicious cycle. A digital engagement platform combines gamification and big data analytics so that you can capture information from existing processes and then leverage it for insights. It generates what we call “performance enhancing data,” data that you can use to make HR more effective. In fact, because our data-driven engagement platform simultaneously motivates performance, monitors results and measures business impacts, it can create beneficial impacts across every level of your HR organization:

  • Employees. The gamification component of Bunchball’s digital engagement platform offers employees a better end-user experience, improved transparency and greater control –all of which makes them more likely to participate in HR systems. On top of that, you can use the insights generated to inspire employees to take actions that have a direct, positive impact on the bottom line.
  • Program Management. With Bunchball’s digital engagement platform, HR managers can benefit from improved data quantity and quality, on-demand reporting and dashboards for analyzing and articulating program performance.
  • Middle Management and Supervisors. Our digital engagement platform makes it easy to run, filter and share granular reports with middle managers and supervisors. These reports can be used to prove value, correlate ROI and identify course corrections.
  • Senior and Executive Management. We make sure our solutions are purpose-built, including API reporting and data extraction to help you correlate performance behaviors with business outcomes, articulate program value and amplify results.

As I mentioned above, we all know that the core value of any HR technology relies upon participation, adoption and use by employees. When adoption and engagement are low, HR technology suffers from diminished ROI, unrealized value and high failure rates. A digital engagement platform that delivers performance intelligence and insights can help change all that, while also monitoring results and measuring business impacts.

But now that I’ve introduced you to how data and a digital engagement platform can benefit your HR organization, you’re probably wondering what steps you’d need to take to get one implemented where you work. Stay tuned! That process will be the topic of my next blog post. 

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