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The Vision for Human Capital Engagement

The Vision for Human Capital Engagement

Molly Kittle


Want to learn more about this approach to drive and measure employee engagement across the human capital lifecycle? Watch our webcast on-demand: The Vision for Human Capital Engagement 

As a HR leader are you consistently being asked to expand your strategic contribution to the business? To broaden your knowledge about new tools and technologies and connect the dots between key business drivers and how the organization's people influence them? It’s a shared experience across many in roles like yours. HR leaders must continue to be practical but also bring progressive conceptual ideas to the table. We’re seeing new roles such as Chief People Officer taking center stage and CEOs looking for their HR leadership to find new, effective ways to engage their people in all areas of the business, at all stages of their lifecycle, and across the many systems with which they interact. These challenges aren’t insurmountable and there are innovative [effective] approaches to the employee engagement dilemma that can motivate employees to be more proficient and efficient across the HR stack. These approaches also provide workforce analytics on a rich set of data to create and demonstrate tangible value throughout the enterprise.

One View To Rule Them All
Today, employees bounce between the different systems in which they work. This system-switching creates a barrier to consistent adoption, impacts efficiency and may increase the cognitive load required to complete tasks… it can also obfuscate clear next steps to employee success. What if there was a centralized employee profile to reflect progress across key tasks, regardless of which system they were taking place within? A dashboard with feedback from their on-boarding efforts, compliance tasks, certification requirements, self-driven learning, tenure with the organization, participation in social collaboration, and general consistency of interaction with the systems and tools in which you’ve invested. This centralized employee feedback station/employee engagement profile would visually break large goals into their component parts so people understand how their actions today impact their success in the future. Employees still need to do their work in the systems where the work is done, but they have a single point of truth to see their progress, celebrate their wins and nudge them in the right direction for on-going success.

What I’ve described is a human capital engagement system and in addition to improving the employee experience and increasing performance, it offers insight into employee behavior from across your HR systems.

Analytics Across The Employee Lifecycle
You already have workforce analytics teams producing detailed dashboards, but are you able to take action on the information you see? With a human capital engagement system you have the tools to move beyond data visualization, change the conversation, and optimize the employee feedback loops so that your people focus on what matters most to the business. By using the rich set of activity data you’re gathering across systems, you first create, then demonstrate, tangible value across the enterprise.

We see time and again positive impacts in many areas of the business, including: Adoption, Time-to-value, Efficiency (increased productivity and better business processes), Proficiency, Engagement and Retention. Leaders and managers benefit from this approach because it’s based on behavioral, per-employee activity data - a view not often available in quarterly roll-up analysis. It also:

  • Provides a holistic view across multiple systems
  • Is available more frequently than traditional quarterly reports
  • Offers actionable information - the approach allows you to respond to and refine employee engagement loops
  • Informs strategic business decisions based on behavioral trends. For example, you can use data to inform performance management - find high performing employees, identify who to nurture, key talent to retain…

In Brief
The vision for successful Human Capital Management is woven into the fabric of a cross-platform human capital engagement system that includes:

  • A centralized profile for comprehensive employee feedback
  • Appropriate to [customized for] and available during all stages of the employee lifecycle
  • Integrated across critical systems [of record]
  • Driven by data and providing behavioral analytics to optimize the engagement system, inform your strategy and communicate ROI

The key is an end-to-end-engagement-cycle that makes the most of your company’s talent. The ability to both drive and measure engagement - with an eye toward both making the workplace better for employees and creating a compelling ROI story for your your organization.

Want to learn more? Watch our webcast on-demand: The Vision for Human Capital Engagement 


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