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Using a Gamification Engine to Make Work Fun

Using a Gamification Engine to Make Work Fun

Aaron Moncreiff


The benefits of gamification are obvious. But how can businesses make gamification work with their enterprise software?

The promise of gamification is clear: employees thrive in an atmosphere of competitive challenges, cooperative quests, and cumulative progress. Applying game mechanics to the workplace provides workers with social incentives to outperform, as well as giving managers a new set of insights into what truly motivates their workforce. But how can a business implement gamification without upending their existing enterprise software?

An engine like Bunchball Nitro makes gamification easy. The engine plugs into your existing enterprise software—any metric that is tracked by a platform like SAP or Salesforce can be turned into a competition, a collaborative challenge, or used as a status symbol within the game.

And since Bunchball Nitro is a cloud-based program, the game can be layered on top of your existing system without adding to hardware requirements or creating software conflicts. Using an engine like Nitro can ensure that the gamification rollout is seamless and straightforward.

Easy Integration

Your software is already tracking all the necessary data to provide detailed insights into employees’ performance and development. But how can you harness that data to generate motivation and spur engagement?

Bunchball Nitro provides an software-antagonistic platform for implementing game dynamics in the workplace. Using API’s and pre-built UI modules, Nitro allows businesses to go beyond the sales leaderboard, turning virtually any task into part of the game. Employees can earn points and badges for engagement, and challenges can be set up to encourage collaboration and sharing, not just cutthroat competition.

The platform ties seamlessly to a host of enterprise software, allowing managers to easily design and deploy new motivational challenges. The Nitro platform can be managed from a desktop or mobile device, and its user-friendly interface allows infinite customization.

Game mechanics can easily be designed to incentivize the KPI’s your organization values most. Nitro will fit into your existing strategy, and it will also provide dynamic, instantaneous feedback to help you fine-tune your goals and tactics.

Infinitely Scaleable

Nitro’s cloud-based platform can plug into a broad spectrum of use cases and lines of business. The game dynamics can be applied to traditional competitive arenas, such as creating weekly leaderboard contests based on sales figures. But the platform can also be adapted to apply game dynamics to more abstract goals, like professional development, onboarding, and customer service.

Nitro can track a worker’s performance across numerous functions and disciplines, even tracking achievements across multiple enterprise software platforms. The engine then uses game dynamics like level status and badge accomplishments to reflect a holistic picture of a worker’s contributions to the organization.

Put Your Data to Work

The Nitro engine can provide insights into the interplay between incentive structures and performance. Some workers will gravitate towards competitive pursuits; others will be high achievers in a more altruistic environment. Nitro lets you craft incentives that draw on the full spectrum of intrinsic motivations, from a desire for status to a need for social interaction.

Ultimately, the Nitro gamification engine gives you power over the statistics collected by enterprise software. Instead of passively observing performance metrics, you can create create new incentives that shift employees’ focus towards the most vital KPI’s. The engine will enable you to shift into a proactive stance—game dynamics help you take control of your workforce’s direction. When individual incentives are aligned with your organization’s growth strategy, competition and teamwork can propel your workers to new heights. 

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