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Leverage the Benefits of Gamification for Your Business

Leverage the Benefits of Gamification for Your Business

Aaron Moncreiff


What’s the most powerful digital experience currently available? The answer is obvious: gaming. Game design has developed sophisticated new tools and techniques, resulting in an experience so compelling that it’s even considered addictive. Now you can harness that powerful attractive force to keep users engaged with your online business and your employees excited about reaching their goals. Here’s how you can leverage the allure of gaming and change the whole chemistry between your company and its people.

Why Businesses Use Gamification

Human beings are naturally drawn to the dynamics of play; they may have to be taught the rules of a specific game, but the tendency for play is instinctive. Gamification takes advantage of this inborn appetite and uses it to create a rewarding business experience. You can use gamification internally in your company to introduce an element of fun into the workday and make your employees happier and more productive. Gamification also increases teamwork, because groups of employees striving jointly for a game-related goal will carry that unity over into work tasks. The dynamics of games are equally useful when applied to customer experience, since customers not only get the product you’re selling, but also have a uniquely pleasurable experience interacting with your brand.

How Does Gamification Activate Human Drives?

Motivation researchers have found that people are driven by a set of six fundamental desires: achievement, status, rewards, self expression, competition and altruism. There are gamification tools that specially target each of these desires, including the chance to earn points, reach higher levels, meet special challenges, buy virtual goods, be named on leaderboards and win competitions. 

The Effect Gamification Can Have on Employee Morale

Regardless of how many other benefits you offer employees, there are certain work tasks that naturally become repetitive. This is true for almost every job that exists. Gamification changes people's outlook and motivation, activating psychological responses that build a sense of suspense and thrill. Employee morale rises rapidly once gamification is introduced into a workplace, because the excitement of competing connects pleasure centers in the worker’s mind. 

How to Use the Benefits of Gamification to Grow your Business

If you’ve been interested in adding gamification to your business, but have hesitated because of the cost of redoing your website or app, you'll be pleased to know that you don’t have to rebuild all your tech from the ground up. Instead, you can keep your existing website, processes or applications and gamify them with the addition of certain tools and techniques. Some of these techniques draw on quantitative measurements of behavior to customize individual engagement. Unlike other approaches intended to build your customer base, however, gamification doesn’t depend on tightly-targeted demographics. Because it draws on human drives that everyone shares, gaming is equally compelling to people of every gender, age and ethnicity.

Gamification Adds Energy to Every Industry and Job Duty

Whether you’re seeking to energize your sales team or instill a more proactive pattern of engagement in your customer service representatives, you can use gamification to move toward your goals. Patients in the health care system can be induced to maintain better self-care, online customers will engage for longer periods with your website, logistics and shipping staff will seek higher levels of accuracy; there are no limits to the utility of play in the workplace.

Essentially, gaming leverages the tools of basic behavior modification. You can use these powerful tools, which center solely on pleasure and positive reinforcement, to change the behavior of your employees. As people seek rewards, they find fun in what they’re doing and want to continue. Every human interaction that affects the bottom line of your company is within the reach of gamification. Now the key to “level up” your business is only a few clicks away!

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