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Three Employee Engagement Ideas with Gamification

Three Employee Engagement Ideas with Gamification

Aaron Moncreiff


Employee engagement is an enormous challenge. Gallup’s most recent survey of the American workplace showed that only about one-third of workers say they’re actively engaged with their job, and about one out of every eight workers checks out the minute they’re clocked in.

Improving employee engagement is a surefire way to boost productivity and worker retention, but creating this kind of engagement can be difficult. This is where gamification can help.

A gamification platform can tap into powerful sources of intrinsic motivation that are proven to increase worker motivation. Gamification provides immediate feedback for workers, aligns value structures between the employee and the organization, and creates a network of peer accountability that encourages participation and rewards consistent employee engagement.  

1. Provide Consistent Rewards

Disengagement takes root when workers feel like their routine contributions are going unnoticed. After all, if no one else bothers to pay attention to their daily work, why should they make an effort to stay engaged?

A gamification platform like Bunchball Nitro provides constant rewards and incremental incentives, keeping workers involved in even their most routine tasks. The platform’s incentive structure can be fine-tuned to provide rewards with regularity, ensuring that employees know their everyday routine is valued. Instead of recognizing only major milestones and best-in-office standouts, the platform can also award badges and trophies to workers who make a consistent effort and achieve everyday excellence.

When setting up your gamified incentive structure, Nitro lets you introduce a line of trophies for maintaining a ‘streak’ of easily-attainable performance targets. Recognizing sustained progress will empower workers who show up and actively engage with their jobs.         

2. Use Incentives to Align Values

Younger workers are notoriously difficult to inspire, but gamification can tap into motivations that are rooted in their personal values. Prize contests can backfire—millennial workers often see them as a cynical attempt to always hold the carrot just out of reach, and the winner-take-all competitive structure can undermine workplace cohesion, leading straight to a burned-out, disengaged staff.

Instead of just appealing to the desire for material gain, gamification can incorporate other priorities—rewarding values like cooperation, communication, and professional development. The platform can also track good deeds that would otherwise go unnoticed, things like helping out when another team gets into crunch time, or providing special recognition to the workers who make a habit of promptly replying to interdepartmental queries.  

Workers who see a system that’s designed to reward collaboration and personal integrity will start to feel that the corporation shares their values. Engagement will flow through the workforce when employees sees their own priorities reflected in the incentive structure.   

3. Cultivate Peer Accountability

Finally, the Nitro gamification platform can build employee engagement by replacing traditional top-down hierarchies with a 360 system of peer accountability. Instead of doing the absolute minimum to escape the attention of their supervisors, workers will be immersed in a system where their success is determined by their value to the team.

Gamification gathers input from every angle—so in addition to traditional performance metrics, KPI’s, and managerial assessments, the Nitro platform can also collect detailed feedback from every colleague and subordinate. Incentives can be adjusted to give the team real power over who is eligible for bonuses and promotion, rewarding the workers who take time for their coworkers, and punishing those who “kiss up and kick down.”

A Gamified Workplace is an Engaged Workplace

An office where team players are recognized by those around them will become an engaged workplace. Gamification gives you new tools, letting you create an incentive structure that finds and encourages your most engaged workers. Bunchball Nitro can create new channels for employee engagement.

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