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Analytics: From One Side of the Equation, to the Other

Analytics: From One Side of the Equation, to the Other

Keith Conley


By Keith Conley, Analytics Manager, Bunchball

I’d like to start with a brief introduction.  My name is Keith Conley and I’m the Analytics Manager for Bunchball. I joined the organization in November of 2011 and have delighted in applying metrics to quantify the various benefits gamification can have on an organization, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

I started in analytics in 2006 for the Wunderman Agency in San Francisco.  Before joining, I confidently told my future employer “My clients will know which half is wasted.”  In case you’re not familiar, that’s a reference to a quote attributed to about a half dozen people (Henry Ford, John Wanamaker, Lord Lever, Walt Patrick, etc.) stating “he knew half of his advertising was wasted, he just didn’t know which half.”  I’ve long felt the answers were available and have been excited to grow and learn in a fast-paced and demanding industry.

Thus far, I’ve been able to help a host of top-tier clients optimize campaigns in Online, Search, TV, Mobile (including tablets!), Radio and OOH using both quantitative and qualitative measurement tools. Along the way, I’ve learned how to optimize creative, messaging and media partners on a variety of outcomes and goals, such as lead generation, sales, purchase intent, awareness and others.

These opportunities allowed me to work with great people in exciting, dynamic environments and also lead me to continue seeking new challenges. When I discovered Bunchball, I saw a new, exciting opportunity. While advertising is primarily concerned with the driving of traffic, or creating a response with the audience in their environment, I often came across chasms where my efforts of driving traffic were then stymied by the effectiveness of the “landing page” and its ability to, in a general sense, convert the audience to the client’s intended response.  As we tightened the paid media and optimized creative executions, we saw returns in efficiency, but in general, conversion rates from each site remained static. This is due to the lack of coordination and incremental testing of web pages and landing environments.

It was easy to see how I could be on the other side of the equation with Bunchball’s approach to gamification.  Bunchball’s products allow site owners to motivate their audience toward desired outcomes by providing a richer, more rewarding experience for the audience. The products also produce a rich set of behavioral data which can be used to perform critical analyses on adoption, retention, continuous engagement and content optimization. Focusing on the customer, we’ve developed a structure for measurement and learning during deployment.  The key has been to work with our clients to identify their goals and define KPIs that ensure our analysis and optimization will map to their overall success. 

Analysis on this side of the house is so powerful, because it has the ability to improve ROI from all advertising channels.  As our clients increase their engagement metrics, it’s been very rewarding to watch them light up when realizing the impact the efforts are having on banner advertising and search efforts.

The first 6 months have been very exciting and we’re just getting started.  Impacting external marketing efforts only addresses one (Customer Engagement) of our 3 target segments.  Our products have separate, but just as meaningful impact on employee motivation and customer loyalty scenarios. Going forward, I’ll explain more of our analytics methodology and demonstrate how gamification is meeting the needs of our clients. Stay tuned!

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