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Motivating Your Audience: It’s All About the Data!

Motivating Your Audience: It’s All About the Data!

Chris Sullivan


By Chris Sullivan, Regional Vice President, Sales, Bunchball
Chris Sullivan@Sully63 

Who are you trying to motivate every day?

Business Partners?
All Three?

What tactics are you utilizing to communicate with these constituencies?  Primarily communication occurs through websites, applications, social media platforms, CRM tools, community platforms, intranets and the like.  In order for your message to be received favorably the key is targeting messages as effectively as possible across all these distribution channels.  Analytics packages provide feedback and reports which help guide future decisions.  So no matter who you are trying to motivate, it really is all about the data available to you for optimization.

The other part of the equation is that people need to be engaged in some way in order to be motivated and one needs to be able to track their actions right down to the user level to provide actionable insights.  So now that the investments have been made to add the tools for communicating and interacting, what can be done to encourage adoption, usage and engagement with your content?

The customers and prospects I have been speaking to are increasingly looking at their business from the inside out. They are realizing that developing digital loyalty and reward programs are a great way to drive sustainable engagement for B-to-C and B-to-B programs.  In this API-driven world, SaaS companies like Bunchball provide a platform which is integrated into your cross platform digital experiences and users can be tracked and rewarded for their activities.

The best part about these programs is that they can be configured to be contextually-relevant to your environment which makes for a compelling user experience.  Our Nitro platform has an administration console which acts as both the rules and reward engine AND the data repository.  The data can be compiled on each and every action users take and reports can be run in near real time.  The rules and rewards in the console can be updated as often as you like after reviewing what the data is telling you.

Lastly, since Nitro can now allow our clients’ to create personalized missions, challenges and rewards based on user attributes, these programs become super effective CRM tools.  A well thought out digital loyalty program is the perfect closed loop of marketing: users have to register to participate; they can be moved to action with customized missions and challenges; and they can be rewarded with items both real and virtual which have actual meaning to them.  All of this activity is tracked and can be fed right into your CRM system.

So if you are looking to drive behavior for consumers, employees and/or business partners, do not ignore the elephant in the room.  Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the most effective program to achieve your KPIs and get that out of plan bonus you missed last year!

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