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Plug and Play Gamification is Here!

Plug and Play Gamification is Here!


Sparks. We’ve announced 10 new Sparks that are plug-and-play applications and solve specific business problems like software adoption, site engagement and sales productivity. These full-featured, turnkey Spark applications provide everything needed to set up a gamification program, with deployment targets including enterprise applications, websites, and mobile devices.

We’ll introduce even more Spark apps throughout 2012. Meanwhile, customers like J.Hilburn and Bluewolf are already using Sparks to power gamification initiatives within their own workforces. Learn how you can too by visiting

Fuse. With Fuse, Bunchball customers can seamlessly connect their gamification programs to more than 80 enterprise applications, including ADP, Box, NetSuite, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP, Sharepoint, SugarCRM, Taleo, Workday, and more. Fuse extends the power of gamification, connecting all the platforms in your enterprise.

Now, through our three product lines, Bunchball is the only vendor to offer a comprehensive gamification suite with customizable applications that are easy and fast to implement and that produce immediate results.

  • Nitro: a comprehensive platform
  • Sparks: simple, powerful gamification apps
  • Fuse: connectors to motivate users across enterprise applications


With these additions to the Bunchball product line, gamification has never been easier. I hope you’ll find them as exciting as we do, and I look forward to sharing our continued progress with you in the coming months!

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