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GSummit 2012 Wrap Up – No Excuses!

GSummit 2012 Wrap Up – No Excuses!

Rob Mullany


By Robert Mullany, Sales Engineer, Bunchball / @RobertMullany

Bunchball recently wrapped up an awesome week at the GSummit conference and, while I’m still exhausted, I’m really energized after meeting so many intelligent people from all over the world interested in building more active and loyal communities using gamification.

As we wind down from the conference, I can’t help but wonder what real action will come out of it. Even after numerous great presentations and even more great conversations amongst attendees, I have a nagging feeling that when people return to the pile of work on their desks, their great ideas from the conference will take a back seat and never see the light of day.

No Excuses

While this unfortunately seems to be the norm with conferences, when it comes to GSummit 2012, there is absolutely no excuse for not following through and acting on your ideas.

At this point, we’ve developed the technology to a point where it is just too easy to use and too fast to implement to not turn your ideas into reality. With our new Spark suite of products, implementations in under 30 days is the norm.

SparkThis means that a project that begins today can be live by August 3rd. I can’t think of any other project that you could roll out at the beginning of August that would have anywhere near the transformational benefits of a gamification program.  

Professional Gamification Within Reach  

With our new Spark product line, we’ve taken the experience and best practices gained by implementing hundreds of gamification programs over the past five years and constructed pre-packaged solutions.

This reduces implementation time in two key areas:

1) Planning and Program Design – Spark solutions incorporate professional program design out-of-the-box. As a customer, this means one of the most time-intensive aspects of implementing a gamification program, namely deciding what elements of gamification to leverage and how to leverage them, has been removed. Our team of experts has created multiple templates aimed at achieving specific business objectives.

2) Technical Integration – Spark solutions include out-of-the-box user experiences, eliminating the need to build an experience from scratch. Whereas so-called frameworks from some vendors are nothing more than recommendations to overstretched development resources, our new Spark solutions eliminate the need for custom development entirely. 

Add to this that Spark solutions are built on Bunchball’s industry-leading gamification engine, ensuring all of the reliability and scalability you need in an easy-to-implement solution, and there truly are no excuses for not realizing the benefits of gamification within your organization.

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