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Participatory Media: Encouraging People to ‘Level Up’

Participatory Media: Encouraging People to ‘Level Up’

Rajat Paharia


Encourage the audience to level up”. Again, this is taking a concept from gaming and applying it to participatory media. Most people still passively consume media (although many more people are sharing and recommending media). It’s often referred to as the user-generated content pyramid or the 1-9-90 rule (although this might be changing). A participatory media project or service should give “new users a clear path, limited tools, and an awareness of that those on the next level can do


Participatory media: Encouraging people to ‘level up’

Kevin Anderson discusses the problem with the “build it and they will come” mentality in the media world. You can’t just do that - you can’t just throw media out there and hope that people will consume it, interact around it, share it… You need to guide people, which is exactly what several of our customers are doing around TV properties like: PsychPretty Little Liars,Top Chef, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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