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Lockerz is Riding the Whole “Gamification” Trend

Lockerz is Riding the Whole “Gamification” Trend



Lockerz is riding the whole “gamification” trend — the idea that users of Web sites can earn points as the complete tasks. On Lockerz, the concept takes the form of decals and “PTZ.” (via Lockerz taps former Amazon exec, plans deeper Facebook integration - GeekWire)

Every time Lockerz announces funding (they just announced another $30M) I go look at their site and I come away confused as to how they make money. I see clearly how they pay out PTZ for online tasks/engagement, which can be redeemed for dollar value goods. So non-dollar-value activity IN leads to dollar-value points OUT. So…. How do they make money?

If you look at the comments on the YouTube video or just do a Google search, you’ll see a lot of commentary about how hard it is to redeem your PTZ - apparently there are a limited quantity of items, and they run out of stock in minutes. Maybe that’s the model - they never actually plan to fulfill against all the points?


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