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The Game That Keeps You Healthy

The Game That Keeps You Healthy

Rajat Paharia



The #gamification of health by Keas, a company co-founded by Adam Bosworth, who launched Google Health and various platform initiatives at Microsoft. They’re promoting “the power of play” to change behavior. They’re using social pressure in the form of teams of coworkers who compete against each other (much like Shape Up the Nation, who really should have integrated gamification into their platform by now), combined with points, levels, badges, and dollar incentives. This is after version 1 of the company which tried to create a “ for health”, but which they discovered nobody wanted. Imagine that :)

I just signed up, have invited some Bunchball colleagues, and will report back. Especially if we all get skinnier. And smarter. And better looking.

(via Adam Bosworth Unveils Keas, The Game That Keeps You Healthy)

Source: TechCrunch

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