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Nitro: A Social Media Marketing OS?

Nitro: A Social Media Marketing OS?

Chris Sullivan


By Chris Sullivan, Regional Vice President, Sales, Bunchball
Chris Sullivan@Sully63 

I really feel for folks who are trying to separate the wheat from the chaff in the social media marketing space.  Not only is the amount of categories overwhelming but the number of competitors vying for attention in each category is extensive as well.

Of course, this got me thinking about Bunchball’s Nitro Gamification platform and how many of these categories can be managed effectively by implementing Nitro.  Nitro is a web services product which consists of a set of APIs, Configurable Widgets and an Administration Console that acts as a rules/reward engine with a corresponding analytics repository.  Nitro is not a CMS (although we have a CMS for our Trivia experience) so it cannot help site owners with the content creation portion of the equation.  Our goal is to focus on making your consumers, employees and partners more active and loyal.

Nitro is over 4-years-old now and with each release (currently on 4.4) becomes more and more robust, with extensive functionality to meet marketers’ needs.  Personally, I like to think of Nitro not so much as a platform - since it cannot exist on its own - but more of a social marketing operating system our clients’ use to integrate into their cross platform digital experiences.  Setting APIs to track and reward behavior means that our clients can utilize Nitro as a social media management tool to:

  • Share content from clients’ sites with automatically generated URLs
  • Reward users who are interacting on applications they build for use on Facebook , Twitter or wherever there is an open API
  • Allow redemption of Points or Credits to purchase items and conduct social commerce by purchasing Points with credit cards

The resulting analytics reports in Nitro are not only driven by actions across the entire community but can be tracked down to the unique user level to provide actionable intelligence.  Since most of our clients deploy Nitro to create contextually relevant digital loyalty programs, we have the whole social promotion category covered as well.

In the past year, Bunchball has developed and deployed award-winning products that integrate with world class platforms such as, Jive Software and IBM Connections.  Any action can be tracked and rewarded with RESTful APIs as long as a site owner has access to the code so integration with blogging platforms, photo sharing applications etc. is not a problem.  Nitro has built-in tools to reward for social referrals that are not just driven by push notifications.  By providing each user with a custom URL for them to share, users will only be rewarded when their link is clicked on and a friend enters your environment.

In the old days of computer operating systems , the OS was very light and add-on products did the really cool stuff.  Well, Nitro is the social marketing operating system of choice and many of the add-on products are already a core part of the product.  No need to add a disparate set of products and widgets that will result in a mishmash user experience and a reporting nightmare.

Do yourself a favor, save time and money before you spend weeks analyzing products and categories only to end up more confused than when you began!   My suggestion is that you reach out to us first so that we can inform you as to which social media categories our clients have been able to cross off the list by deploying Nitro.

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