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Guest Post: Gamification Webinar - Driving Collaboration Across the Enterprise

Guest Post: Gamification Webinar - Driving Collaboration Across the Enterprise

Natasha Oxenburgh


This post originally appeared on the official Bluewolf blog.

By Natasha Oxenburgh, Social Programs Manager, Bluewolf
Natasha Oxenburgh@njoxen

According to a recent McKinsey Report, social technologies can engage customers and increase worker productivity by 25%. You may be thinking that this is all old news: these tools increase collaboration, capture knowledge, and improve communication. With billions of people using social media worldwide, it’s only natural that companies on the vanguard of business innovation should mirror these changes, right?

Gamification Webinar: Driving Collaboration across the EnterpriseBut, the technologies alone won’t get you there. What about your people? What about adoption? Getting your people to collaborate, to work in new ways with new tools, is the real challenge. One strategy being employed today is gamification.
Gamification is about driving collaboration across the enterprise to increase employee engagement and customer value. It’s being integrated into a wide range of business initiatives. We launched our own #GoingSocial program in the beginning of this year. We partnered with Bunchball to implement a gamification strategy to galvanize workplace collaboration and, ultimately, customer engagement. Since our story has seen great success, we’re joining Bunchball on a free live webinar to share our program and what we’ve learned about how gamification can drive engagement.
We’ll detail best practices for incentivizing employees to collaborate and share knowledge on a variety of social platforms, including Chatter. We’ll show you how we turned our most motivated assets – our people – into Bluewolf brand ambassadors. And our experiences can inform the decisions of any business regarding change management, employee and customer engagement.
Bunchball’s Brian Weimer and I will bring these topics into a dialogue. We’re excited to field your questions and to hear your thoughts! Tune in on Tuesday, August 7 at 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET to find out how you can use gamification for your business initiatives.
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