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Now on AppExchange: Spark Sales Spotlighted in’s Social Enterprise Showcase

Now on AppExchange: Spark Sales Spotlighted in’s Social Enterprise Showcase

Ken Jones


If you visit’s all-new AppExchange today, you’ll find Bunchball’s Spark Sales app featured front and center as part of the AppExchange Social Enterprise Showcase. 

Now on AppExchange: Spark Sales Spotlighted in’s Social Enterprise ShowcaseWe’re thrilled to be featured so prominently within’s redesigned App Marketplace for the Social Enterprise. AppExchange is home to hundreds of cloud-based solutions that integrate with Salesforce, and it’s exciting to be one of only 14 apps spotlighted in the Social Enterprise Showcase.

When it comes to meeting the needs of the Social Enterprise, Bunchball and see things the same way. We both recognize that today’s organizations are looking for solutions that are collaborative, social and connected, because that’s how people want to work.

At Bunchball, that vision is exemplified by gamification solutions like Spark Sales, our turnkey app that applies game mechanics to your Salesforce environment. Not only does Spark Sales incent a sales organization to effectively perform core job-related tasks, but it also serves to amplify the effectiveness of other apps in the Social Enterprise.  Any action that can be tracked in Salesforce or another partner app in the ecosystem can be incented and rewarded in Spark Sales. 

How Spark Sales Made the Cut

The folks at used several criteria to select the 14 apps featured in the AppExchange Social Enterprise Showcase. Here’s where we shine:

·        Meaningful use of Salesforce Chatter. Spark Sales leverages Chatter to increase collaboration, community and knowledge across functions in an enterprise. In a Salesforce environment gamified with Spark Sales, Chatter also becomes an essential element of gamification by serving as a way for users to gain visibility and recognition for their achievements.  Organizations can identify, track and reward Chatter activity, such as making posts, updating status and commenting on, liking or sharing posts made by others. And when users form teams to compete in missions and challenges, Spark Sales automatically forms a Chatter group for each team. 

·         Clean, fresh, social UX. Gamification is by its nature a social experience – competition, collaboration, sharing and recognition are all core to gamification – and Spark Sales presents these social elements as cleanly integrated components that are prominently visible throughout the Salesforce user experience.  For instance, a persistent navigation window on the left side of the Salesforce interface keeps users focused on their most important challenge task, and updates them on colleagues and who have already completed the task and on rankings of teams. The Spark Sales home page also includes personalized news feeds, and the “Spread the Word” module incents users to share key company news to their broader social networks.

·         Network effects. Spark Sales groups individuals in traditional and cross-functional ways. Team level challenges resulting in shared wins and rewards can then be used to motivate collaboration across individuals who otherwise may not usually interact.  And by challenging users to find and follow other people and groups, Spark Sales explicitly drives users to discover and expand their social networks.

·         Interoperability. Spark Sales easily integrates with both standard and custom objects in Salesforce.  In our latest release in early July, we introduced Trigger Builder functionality, allowing Salesforce customers to create Salesforce triggers with a point-and-click interface, eliminating the need for development resources when extending the data sent to the Spark app.

·         Innovation. The Spark Sales app uses gamification best practices gleaned from hundreds of Bunchball customer implementations and applies it to incentive programs designed to motivate a sales team, trigger specific improvements, encourage sellers to acquire new skills, and drive adoption of your CRM environment. By deploying Spark Sales, an enterprise can track and reward virtually any action that touches Salesforce.

See It for Yourself at Dreamforce 2012

Want to learn more? has invited us to deliver a 15-minute presentation at its Innovation Theater at Dreamforce 2012, Sept. 18-21 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. You’ll want to check that out.

You can also see Spark Sales in action at our booth (#1409 in the North Hall), and in Bluewolf’s booth (#801).

We encourage you to join the Social Revolution on the AppExchange Social Enterprise Showcase today, and at Dreamforce 2012 in September.  This is one revolution you won’t want to miss.



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