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Rolling-Out Gamification to the Enterprise: 13 Guidelines for 2013

Rolling-Out Gamification to the Enterprise: 13 Guidelines for 2013

Molly Kittle


By Molly Kittle, Vice President, Digital Strategy, Bunchball / @MolKittle

If you launch a new enterprise gamification initiative in your organization, how will employees know it’s there?  Use the following supporting techniques to educate employees and introduce them to the details of the newly gamified areas.

1. Prepare

Don’t wait until your program is live before letting people know about it.  Think about how you can educate employees ahead of time and entice them to actively participate on day one.  

2. W.O.M.

Word-of-mouth is a great vehicle to increase awareness.  Get employees talking with each other about the program before it launches - by including them in a contest to name the 'game' or assist in choosing some of the key rewards. Getting them involved will get them talking and help spread the word.

3. Avoid a Blank Slate 

Make sure first time users feel invested in the experience from the start.  To avoid an ‘empty’ environment, seed info in newsfeeds and other user facing elements, start them with a newbie badge and an initial level. 

4. Communicate

Some companies publish other types of content, such as Newsletters, Articles or Weekly/Monthly Round-up-updates.  Make sure you’re using all the communication vehicles at your disposal to promote and educate!

5. Social

Does your organization encourage employees to communicate via social networks?  Does your company have a Facebook page where employees can extend their conversation about their internal accomplishments?

6. Rules

People need to know what it is they’re working toward and have a clear understanding of how to get there.  An overview of everything that’s included in the program, the Program Description / Rules is an opportunity to explain how employees can be successful and how they can keep track of their progress.

7. Home Page Placement

Feature the program in a high traffic, high visibility location, one that employees are likely to visit often.  Clicking through links would bring them to a page [or modal window] that features the Program Description / Rules.

8. Profile

Make sure employees know how to easily access their Profile:  the central place where an employee can come to understand their future goals and past achievements.  This should be a persistent link or widgets on all pages where the employee spends their time.

9. Email

Have someone well respected [such as the Founder, CEO, or head of the department] send an email to your employees, endorsing the initiative and letting them know the benefits of participating in this new program. 

10. Welcome Notifications

In addition to using Notifications to reinforce positive behavior, show a notification to employees to welcome them to the experience or send a special message.

11. Company Blog

Display a message to all of your employees on your blog.  We suggest the first entry introduce employees to the new incentive program that is in place, and give details on the key features you’re introducing.

12. Surveys and Polls

These qualitative measurement tools are a great way to see how your employees are responding to the program.  Find a balance between collecting enough feedback to make educated optimizations and inundating employees with too much inquiry. 

13. Calendar of Events 

One of the best ways to ensure your program stays fresh and employees continue to engage is to incorporate events that are already on your calendar [sales kickoff related rewards, end of quarter bonus earning opportunities] and ongoing content releases. For example, create a challenge to correspond with each new article that goes live such as a weekly Quiz.  Introducing new earning opportunities on a recurring basis will get employees in the habit of checking back for new ways to stay ahead. 

Here's to your success in 2013!

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