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We Won AppQuest 2011 – Best New Salesforce Application!

We Won AppQuest 2011 – Best New Salesforce Application!

Rajat Paharia


Last night during’s Dreamforce conference, we demoed our new Nitro for Salesforce gamification solution to a panel of judges, and were named Cloud Idol!  Nitro for Salesforce integrates game mechanics right into the user interface, adding individual and team challenges, recognition and rewards to motivate your sales force.  We had some stiff competition,  given how many interesting apps are being developed on, but we prevailed!

Nitro for Salesforce is deceptively simple for something so powerful.  There’s nothing new for the user to learn - Nitro for Salesforce is just a new tab on the menu bar - but lots for them to do.

We’ve added salesforce motivation to salesforce automation through challenges, goals, event notifications and progress updates. Each user has his or her own profile, and everything happens behind the scenes.

Nitro for Salesforce also encourages collaboration and teamwork.  Any number of teams, leagues, etc. can be easily assembled, and rewards can be created for a variety of team accomplishments.  Do you want to get more Chatter going? More deals closing? More accounts created in a certain industry? Get your salespeople to encourage their teammates, trash talk their competition and work together toward common goals.

And Nitro for Salesforce is easy to implement and administer.  Available on the AppExchange, Nitro for Salesforce will be sold on a per-seat basis.  The administer gets a simple, powerful interface for creating teams, challenges, rewards - you name it. All powered by the industry’s leading gamification solution, Nitro.

Ron Huddleston, VP ISV Alliances at had this to say:

“We are excited about Bunchball’s big win here at AppQuest ‘11 at Dreamforce, and look forward to their success as a ISV partner. By bringing gamification to, Bunchball’s Nitro app is pushing the social, open, mobile and capabilities customers expect from the leading enterprise cloud computing platform,”

We’re demoing Nitro for Salesforce right now at Dreamforce!  Come by and see us at Booth # 1438.   And if you’d like to learn more about the product right now, please visit us at  We’re excited to add gamification to, and help make users even more successful!

Nitro for Salesforce is currently scheduled to be available later this quarter on the AppExchange.

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