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The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

Chris Sullivan


By Chris Sullivan, Regional Vice President, Sales, Bunchball
Chris Sullivan@Sully63 

It’s more exciting than ever to be in the gamification space.  Having been at Bunchball for 3 ½ years, it’s been a bit overwhelming to watch the market catch fire - seemingly overnight.  Of course, as with any “overnight sensation” the reality is there is a group of passionate, dedicated folks that have been at it for years before the market hit the “big time.” In this case, my co-workers at Bunchball have been bringing gamification to our satisfied customers for 6 plus years.

One of the reasons I believe we continue to grow rapidly is because the entire team is externally focused on helping our clients use gamification to solve problems, whether it be in the consumer or enterprise arena.  We continue to invest in our world class technology platform Nitro to provide customers with a competitive advantage when deploying programs.  Customer feedback is always welcome and our product team takes those suggestions and rapidly adds new functionality into our Nitro platform.

One of the great benefits a SaaS provider like Bunchball has is that we work with so many clients that we are in the catbird seat of understanding what works when seeking to drive user behavior and, just as important, what does not work. Our Strategy team has assisted clients with a wide variety of programs resulting in compelling use cases.

It is hard to believe it has been 13 years since Malcolm Gladwell wrote The Tipping Point.  In that book he defines it as "the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.”  I remember reading it and being amazed by the way Mr. Gladwell used concrete examples to explain the “how’s” and “why’s” of how little things can add up to make a big difference.  We are working every day to help our clients place little things like game mechanics into their user experiences to create big changes in how their consumers, employees and partners interact with them. 

There was an interesting point raised by Gartner in Q4 last year that surmised that 80% of gamification programs will fail.  Guess what? We agree!  The question is why will they fail? The answer to that is because it is not an easy thing to drive user behavior in a positive way through gamification.  It requires a technology platform that allows for Personalization and Segmentation just like a traditional loyalty program.  It also requires guidance from experts in applying these concepts to solve for business challenges.  We are not making games for our clients, we are creating digital motivation programs that integrate into their cross platform digital experiences. 

The goal is to develop a more compelling user experience while allowing the business owner to achieve ROI by accomplishing their goals.  The end result is an increase in core metrics on the consumer side such as registrations, time on site, frequency of visit, social sharing, etc. 

On the enterprise side, our clients’ are getting better value from their existing investments by using gamification to drive user adoption and sustained engagement from their Social Business Software Platforms.

I recently got back from a great Sales Kickoff Meeting in the home office. I feel energized by the team we have built and it was wonderful to spend time with them.  More importantly, I am filled with ideas and recommendations on how I can help my clients move forward with meaningful programs with long-term value that are more than just “overnight sensations.” 

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