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Gamification news, tactics, case studies and more. The official blog of Bunchball.

Nitro: A Social Media Marketing OS?

Chris Sullivan


I really feel for folks who are trying to separate the wheat from the chaff in the social media marketing space.  Not only is the amount of categories overwhelming but the number of competitors vying for attention in each category is extensive as well.

4 Lessons to Learn from Foursquare’s Gamification Missteps

Barry Kirk


I’m the Mayor of Bunchball St. Louis and no one cares.

A few months ago exactly two people cared -- 1) me and 2) fellow Bunchballer Kyle Clark.  As the sole members of the St. Louis-based Bunchball contingent, we battled on Foursquare for months to earn and retain that coveted title. I won it, then he won it, then I won it back, then…well, then we both just lost interest.


7 CRM Gamification Strategies: How Psychology Increases Sales

Adam Honig

President and Chief Executive
Innoveer Solutions


The following is reprinted with permission from Innoveer's CRM Insights


GSummit 2012 Wrap Up – No Excuses!

Rob Mullany


Bunchball recently wrapped up an awesome week at the GSummit conference and, while I’m still exhausted, I’m really energized after meeting so many intelligent people from all over the world interested in building more active and loyal communities using gamification.


I Nearly Died Trying to be Bad Ass. Here’s What it Taught Me About Gamification…


I can’t put my finger on exactly which point during my grueling, masochistic, 12+ mile trot through hell that I had…well, let’s just call it a realization.


Plug and Play Gamification is Here!


Greetings from the GSummit in San Francisco. On Tuesday we announced two exciting additions to our Nitro gamification engine – Spark applications and Fuse connectors. The new products make it easier than ever to gamify key business initiatives and enterprise applications.


Why Every Publisher Needs An Engagement Server


It’s been almost 20 years since the first newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio stations and other traditional publications started producing digital versions of their offline properties. Those media properties that launched in the early to mid-90’s had it made: while the total online audience was only a fraction of what it is today, there weren’t many places on the web for early internet adopters to visit, so when a visitor found the rare site that actually had some decent content, they tended to stick around.


Motivating Your Audience: It’s All About the Data!

Chris Sullivan


Who are you trying to motivate every day?

Business Partners?
All Three?


Finding the "So What!?!"

Keith Conley


The a-ha moment. Epiphany. Insight. What’s the secret sauce? Is there a secret sauce? Here’s what I think. Meaningful insight is not generally found by accident, or without systematic tracking in place.


If Winning Isn't Everything, Then What Is?

Barry Kirk


Topping the leaderboard. Being first to complete a mission. Earning the most points. Much of the current talk around enterprise gamification understandably focuses on competition and status as the primary human drivers of an effective gamified experience inside corporations.