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Gamification news, tactics, case studies and more. The official blog of Bunchball.

Motivating Your Audience: It’s All About the Data!

Chris Sullivan


Who are you trying to motivate every day?

Business Partners?
All Three?


Finding the "So What!?!"

Keith Conley


The a-ha moment. Epiphany. Insight. What’s the secret sauce? Is there a secret sauce? Here’s what I think. Meaningful insight is not generally found by accident, or without systematic tracking in place.


5 Ways to Get More Out of Using Gamification

Rob Mullany


Enterprise gamification has gained a lot of traction over the past year. As with other “firsts” in Gamification, Bunchball has led the way in the use of game mechanics to motivate employees within the enterprise. We’ve worked with companies to integrate game mechanics across a wide spectrum of enterprise applications and developed Nitro for SalesforceNitro for Salesforce is the first out-of-the-box solution for adding gamification to and was awarded the Best New App Award at Dreamforce 2011.

Bunchball Guest Post: Gamification – Rules Of Engagement?

Kate Hagemann


This special guest post is a follow-up to Kate’s previous post, Gamification – Why Play?

Now, let’s discuss what to consider if the organization has said, “We want to play.” As with any major program that an organization wants to implement, there are serious considerations to implementing a gamification strategy. 


Taking a Look at Transmedia

Chris Sullivan


Have you been hearing the term Transmedia a lot lately? I certainly have from the Media clients that I work with. So I went to Wikipedia to check the definition.

“Transmedia storytelling (also known as multiplatform storytelling) is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies, not to be confused with traditional cross-platform media franchises, sequels or adaptations.

Bunchball Guest Post: Gamification – Why Play?

Kate Hagemann


I am not a ‘gamer.’ I have not downloaded Angry Birds to my iPhone. I do not regularly play any video games, excluding the occasional Rock Band performance. Don’t stop reading now though, thinking, “Why is she writing a blog aboutgamification?”

3 Sponsorship Ideas for Gamification

Katherine Heisler


By now you’ve heard about the powerful metrics gamification can drive on sites. According to the third party agency Hobson Associates, Bunchball customers on average boast a +40% increase in uniques, +100% increase in page views, +85% increase in time on site, and +100% increase on repeat visits. These are the type of statistics advertisers drool over, and they will definitely help you sell the basic ad units on your site. But gamification is all about differentiating your site while rewarding your users for loyalty, and we don’t see why this shouldn’t apply to your advertisers as well.



The Next Wave of Loyalty Technology

Kyle Clark


How many loyalty programs are you a member of?  Better yet, how many loyalty programs are you an active member of?  Are you an active member because the program offers you the best discount, or because you truly love the brand?  These are the questions that keep Loyalty Marketing professionals up at night.


How the Best New App at Dreamforce 2011 Leverages the Platform

Rob Mullany


As a leading evangelist for cloud applications, has not only created an incredibly successful business, but also developed a robust partner community. Nearly a thousand add-on applications are featured on the AppExchange( which has been billed as an iTunes for the Enterprise. These partner applications range from free apps that Salesforce customers can easily add to their environments to full enterprise solutions meant to replace legacy systems from Fortune 500 software companies.

Engage! Gamification for the Enterprise

Molly Kittle


As we move from the old enterprise model [that relies on centralized control] to a more collaborative and social model [that encourages a social intranet as the driving force for information dissemination & communication] it’s more important than ever that we recognize and empower the people who drive conversations and engagement.