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Gamification news, tactics, case studies and more. The official blog of Bunchball.

Analytics: From One Side of the Equation, to the Other

Keith Conley


I’d like to start with a brief introduction.  My name is Keith Conley and I’m the Analytics Manager for Bunchball. I joined the organization in November of 2011 and have delighted in applying metrics to quantify the various benefits gamification can have on an organization, but we’ll get to that in a moment.



Guest Post - Gamifying Social Collaboration: Big Wins for #GoingSocial

Natasha Oxenburgh


In January, we sent out a company-wide survey to gauge the state of collaboration internally and externally. We asked every Bluewolf employee:

  • How active they were on every major social network
  • How they felt about building their personal brand via the social web
  • What was holding them back

Millennials Just Want to Have Fun (and Work Hard While Doing It)

Katherine Heisler


Full disclosure: I am a Millennial. Yes it’s true - born in 198don’tworryabout it, I had a cell phone at 14, was on Facebook before the “grownups” got to join, and I identify strongly with other Millennials who see room for improvement on how we work. These ideas cause some to think of my generation as a group of lazy, good for nothing slackers - entitled to everything with zero work ethic. Ouch. And, incorrect. 

Media and Publishers: See You at the Crossroads?

Chris Sullivan


Almost 3 years later, I can still clearly remember the day-to-day details of managing the Digital operation at a major B2B IT Publisher. We had added all the bells and whistles that are required for a solid digital presence: video player, Jive community space (we were very early on this front), taxonomy that suited the content, effective SEO and SEM.  We had audience drivers like newsletters, webinars, virtual trade shows and, as key differentiators, a well-respected brand name and first class editorial team that our B2B audience relied on to keep abreast of the market we served.


Gamification Gets Personal

Rajat Paharia


Five years after launching the first gamification solution in the market, we are very excited to change the game once again with our latest release of Nitro-code named Flamethrower.  Nitro Flamethrower brings personalization to gamification - deepening engagement, producitivty, and, ultimately, loyalty.  


From Mad Man to Gamification Guy

Joseph Cole


There’s a lot of excitement around working for an ad agency. Popular TV shows like Mad Men have really helped to drive the perceived glamour and sexiness of the ad agency world. It’s absolutely true. You do get to work on really fun projects and great brands; you often get to work with brilliant creatives on the precipice of developing industry-changing ideas, and you sometimes get to travel to exotic shoot locations.


The Pwning of Gamification

Barry Kirk


Mark my words: 2012 will be the year that loyalty marketers finally pwn gamification.


How Gamification Fuels the Social Enterprise


As hundreds of thousands of businesses make big investments in social enterprise technologies, they know that the promise of social business is only realized if employees actually use and engage with the technology. It’s a lot like buying a beautiful, fast and powerful sports car: even if it’s built with nothing but the highest quality components, loaded with the latest features and assembled with the utmost craftsmanship, it won’t move an inch if you don’t add fuel. It will just sit, in the driveway, looking pretty, and getting you nowhere fast.

“Jive + Bunchball = Real Gamification”

Ken Jones


This has been an exciting week for the teams at Bunchball and Jive Software. What started as an invitation to build an app for the Jive Apps Market prior to Jiveworld 2011, has resulted in the Jive Gamification Module that will be delivered through the Jive sales team and integrated as a native module for Jive Essential Plus customers.