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Gamification news, tactics, case studies and more. The official blog of Bunchball.

How Gamification in Learning Improves Knowledge Retention

Aaron Moncreiff


Companies are eager to invest in continuing education programs to keep their employees’ skills sharp.


Using Gamification for Strategic Human Resources

Aaron Moncreiff


Too many employees view Human Resources as the custodian of the very beginning and end of their employment lifecycle.


Getting Started with Gamification

Lea Sorrentino


Getting Started with Gamification in the New Year

Podcast: Is Healthcare Ready for Gamification in learning and Workforce Development?

Lea Sorrentino


We are excited to share HealthStream's Second Opinon podcast featuring our Sr. Digital Strategist Lea Sorrentino.

Gamifying the Employee Experience

Mona Hall


The “employee experience” matters more than ever. How can gamification help you make sure your employees feel valued and engaged?


Gaming the System

Molly Kittle


It exists in every aspect of our society: sports, personal relationships, education/academia, the healthcare system, taxes, dieting, politics, environmental regulation, online communities, driving…  It seems that wherever there's a system designed to reward people for good behavior, people will search for a way to manipulate it for personal gain.


3 Ways to Encourage Learning & Employee Development

Lea Sorrentino


Watch our on-demand webinar with Volkswagen to learn about specific changes they made to Volkswagen Academy that increased training and course consumptions, and ways that learner progress is communicated to the Volkswagen community. 

How Enterprise Gamification Aides SaaS Adoption

Molly Kittle


See first hand how introducing feedback along the desired path, with a focus on collaboration, has helped Fidelity motivate their developer community. Watch our on-demand webinar with myself and Sandeep Loganathan from Fidelity, who will share specific examples of Fidelity’s success using this approach.  

The Vision for Human Capital Engagement

Molly Kittle


Want to learn more about this approach to drive and measure employee engagement across the human capital lifecycle? Watch our webcast on-demandThe Vision for Human Capital Engagement 

Five Intrinsic Motivators and How They Impact Employee Engagement At Work

Molly Kittle


Every manager craves a highly committed, motivated workforce. When workers are engaged, business performance is better, customer satisfaction scores rise and ultimately, revenues increase.

But keeping employees engaged isn’t easy – particularly in today’s distracted and fragmented workplace. Boilerplate training programs and dated motivational techniques (contests, SPIFFs, etc.) are expensive, time-intensive and hard to measure. In fact, they do little to keep employees inspired for the long-term – and worse yet, they often have the opposite effect: demoralization. And then motivation sags, productivity lags and the downward spiral picks up momentum from there.

What can you do to turn things around?