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Bunchball Go

Bunchball Go: Mobile Engagement & Performance Hub

Enjoy the same Nitro experience you would get from a desktop with the flexibility of being on the go!

Bunchball Go engages and motivates employees not only where they are, but where you want them to be

  • Innovative mobile engagement elements
  • Real-time updates to scoring and leaderboards
  • Flexible integration- can pull data from any source and feed to Bunchball Go
  • Focused content such as quizzes and videos readily available on mobile devices
  • Performance metrics to see who is completing specific tasks and when they are being completed as well as hierarchical leaderboards and for peer-to- peer recognition
  • Helps organize LMS content for employees’ individual training paths
  • Meets PWA standards and can be installed as a Progressive Web Application on Android and iOS




Same Nitro, Different Device

Receive the same real-time performance metrics Nitro provides, but now on your mobile device

The Standard in Mobile Gamification

Bunchball's industry-leading engineers have pre-developed the top mobile hub available

Usable on Any Mobile Device

Whether your company uses iOS, Android, or any other mobile operating system, Bunchball Go will still bring the best mobile gamification experience available