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Success Story


How Adobe converted free trial downloads into satisfied customers

Goal: Increase revenue by converting more free trials into sales of Adobe Photoshop.

Challenge: If people don’t use the free trial, they won’t convert, and a blank canvas is an intimidating place to start. Adobe needed a quick way to teach users a few simple tasks to engage them.

Solution: Create “LevelUp for Photoshop,” a gamified adoption program that onboards new customers quickly so that they feel confident enough in their abilities to buy the product. Existing customers learn new tools and workflows, as well as old ones they may have missed, so they’ll stay loyal to Photoshop.

Step 1: Take existing curriculum and organize it into a series of missions that teach common tasks, such as removing red eye and whitening teeth in a photo.

Step 2: Level tasks from easy to difficult and add incentives to encourage completion to “unlock” the next level.

Step 3: Encourage new and existing Photoshop customers to install the LevelUp plugin.

Step 4: Make it easy to share earned badges on social networks.

Results: Adobe experienced a 4x increase from free trial to sales as new users learned the product and existing developed new skills. All users reported satisfaction and Adobe discovered how its customers like to learn and what they’re doing with Photoshop