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Success Story

Black Enterprise

How Black Enterprise Gamified the Dell Out of Small Business

Goal: Teach more SMB entrepreneurs to start and grow profitable businesses with Black Enterprise’s Small Business University, sponsored by Dell.

Solution: To attract more users and boost retention, Black Enterprise gamified the eight-week course with Bunchball’s market-leading Nitro platform.

Step #1: Reward badges and points for desired activities, such as timely completion of coursework and daily logins—and assign extra credit when users social discuss courses online.

Step #2: Encourage competition and higher achievement by tracking results in a public badge case, leaderboard, and newsfeed.

Step #3: Award $50,000 in prizes to highest performers, including a small business makeover from Dell and a feature in Black Enterprise Magazine.

Benefits: Significantly increased student participation to 6,500 users and achieved a course average of 93 actions per user—while substantially improving retention.