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How Bravo Throws Down for Tune-in Viewers and Viral Awareness

Expanding viewership one Stepford Wife at a time

Goal: Increase live viewership and viral awareness of The Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes, while cross-promoting Bravo’s other properties.

Solution: Create a cutting edge, interactive online program—“Virtual Housewife Throwdown”—by partnering with Bunchball.

Step #1: Encourage fans to create custom housewife avatars to compete in the Throwdown, and earn currency to purchase virtual clothing, gifts, and other accessories.

Step #2: Award points when users rate other avatars, watch video clips, and share Bravo’s online content thru social media.

Step #3: Attract viewers to tune-in to Housewives’ broadcasts, and answer trivia questions in real-time to earn special badges and win sweepstakes prizes.

Benefits: Boosted tune-in audience size, while increasing page views and time on-site for Housewives episodes.