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Success Story

How Campus Food Gamified Online Ordering & Feasted on New Business

Results you can sink your teeth into

Goal: Increase order size and frequency among current users of Campus Food, an online food delivery site for the college market, and inspire hunger among new users.

Solution: Tastify the online ordering process with Bunchball’s gamification tools and expertise.

Step #1: Award points and badges when users complete “order challenges” that combine pop-culture knowledge with encouragement to try different cuisines—and place orders at different times of day.

Step #2: Compete to win "Head of Table" status by placing the most orders from their favorite restaurant, a technique similar to that of Foursquare.

Step #3: Motivate users to share their achievements with friends in their social media circle and entice others to participate, with Bunchball’s SocialLink tool.

Benefits: Increased the number of new users who return two or more times by 15 to 20 percent.