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Success Story


How Chiquita Got Consumers to Go Bananas

Promoting products & the Rio film launch

Goal: Increase Chiquita product sales in stores—and ticket sales online and at the box office—by harnessing excitement about the Rio film launch.

Solution: To cultivate a strong consumer association between Chiquita products and the Rio brand with interactive games and sweepstakes, Chiquita partnered with Bunchball.

Step #1: Introduce family-friendly interactive games on the “Make Your Way to Rio” site, tempting users with prizes, like gift cards and a trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Step #2: Engage players with a “virtual passport” and the ability to earn badges for watching movie clips, sharing recipes, downloading coloring pages, and more.

Step #3: Reward every badge earned with a sweepstakes entry to encourage repeat and extended site visits.

Benefits: Built excitement for the Rio film launch and Chiquita products and engaged entire families.