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Success Story

USA Network Psych

How USA Network boosted viewer loyalty and revenues for Psych

Goal: Expand audience and deepen engagement to increase ad impressions online and on-air for PSYCH, USA Network’s mystery comedy-drama.

Challenge: Leverage existing content and fan’s social networks to drive market and revenue growth.

Solution: USA Networks created a new kind of loyalty program that appeals to young, online audience with Club PSYCH, an online destination using the Nitro gamification platform.

Step 1: Entice fans to earn points as they interact,by watching videos, re-posting content, playing games, and browsing photo galleries.

Step 2: Reward fans who check in before, during and after the show, and who enter secret keywords from the broadcast using PSYCH Vision, a downloadable app.

Step 3: Empower fans to follow and reply to real‐time PSYCH-related social conversations on multiple social platforms via Chatter integration.

Step 4: Redeem badges and points for collectables like mugs and character bobbleheads. Display results on leaderboards to spur competition.

Step 5: Use data collected through activities and engagement to develop even more powerful motivation strategies using new missions and fresh incentives like Campus Wars where college students worked together to earn points for the school and win logo placement on the show.

Results: PSYCH is now USA Network's longest-running series. More than 30,000 fans registered on the site in the first year and experienced a 30% increase in overall site traffic, a 40% increase in viewership among 18-34 year olds, and a 47% increase in online merchandise sales.