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Course Hero

How Course Hero Put the Earn in Learning

Everyone can be a hero if you offer the right reward

Goal: Maximize college student achievement and interaction with Course Hero, an online learning tools site.

Solution: Deploy Bunchball’s cutting-edge Nitro technology throughout Course Hero’s core offerings, with a particular focus on the Courses product.

Step #1: Recognized desired user behavior by rewarding progressively advanced badges, points, and levels as students complete chapters and courses in each learning path.

Step #2: Empower members to post badges and promote their success on Facebook and Twitter. Also display the top 20 participants on a public leaderboard.

Step #3: Offer real-world rewards, such as a pitch meeting with a Silicon Valley investment firm, and a $5,000 grand prize. Also donate to Books for Africa on users’ behalf.

Benefits: Increased social sharing by 400% in three months, and overall time on site by 5%, with Courses receiving three times longer visits than any other website page.