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Success Story


How CrowdFlower motivates a workforce of millions to deliver quality results

Goal: Retention of a diverse, on-demand workforce for crowd-sourced data projects that cannot be automated, such as image moderation, sentiment analysis, and categorization.

Challenge: CrowdFlower specializes in crowdsourcing for business data collection and other discrete tasks that require human input on a massive, micro scale. To achieve quality and speed, they need to motivate millions of on-demand workers worldwide to produce quality work.

Solution: Add game mechanics to the crowdsourcing application to reward accuracy and experience with higher paying opportunities.

Step 1: Gamify the CrowdFlower dashboard used by contributors to complete a task.

Step 2: Create badges and rewards for task completion and accuracy (determined by the crowd).

Step 3: Use completion data to create a “reputation” for each worker.

Step 4: Segment opportunities based on reputation levels.

Results: Average user accuracy increased 8.2% in the first week and continues to improve, tracking toward a goal of 90% accuracy.