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Success Story


How Eloqua boosted activity and engagement in a customer community

Goal: Make a successful online community even better with more sustained activity and deeper connections between members.

Challenge: Eloqua, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oracle, provides marketing automation and revenue performance management software. They needed to drive participation and engagement in Eloqua Topliners, a Jive Software powered community for marketing and sales professionals, their target customers.

Solution: Eloqua took gamification beyond badges to a whole new level with Nitro for Jive.

Step 1: Add the Jive Advanced Gamification Module, powered by Bunchball, to Eloqua Topliners.

Step 2: Define levels that community members unlock through activities that add value.

Step 3: Reward points for interaction and contribution quality, based on peer feedback.

Step 4: Create “mini communities” through leaderboards that show participants who is above and below them.

Step 5: Make it easy to share earned badges and build a reputation on networks like LinkedIn.

Results: An already active community experienced a sustained 55% increase in average active users. Technical support requests declined as members found quality answers on community boards.