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Success Story


How FunMobility Dominated the Social Fun and Games Market

Giving users some serious chat-titude

Goal: Reward long-term users of existing FunMobility mobile applications—while retaining new users with unique social entertainment offerings.

Solution: To attract more competitive, social users, FunMobility expanded and differentiated their site by partnering with Bunchball to launch a cross-platform entertainment app, FunChat.

Step #1: Combine HTML5 games, virtual currency, avatars, and rewards into the free gamified app—for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android.

Step #2: Provide "audio pranks" that users can push to their smartphones, with sounds like wolf whistles or angry pig noises.

Step #3: Reward users with FunGold to customize their FunChat Chattitude experience, and compete with other users for the currency.

Benefits: Increased market share in a crowded mobile marketplace, and drove repeat visits.