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Examples of Gamification

Successful Gamification Case Studies and Examples

More than 300 companies use Bunchball Nitro to amplify their success and gain a competitive advantage by motivating employees, engaging customers and using gamification for customer service. These successful gamification examples in business prove that effective gamification can create measurable ROI and real business value. Learn more about our innovative gamification solutions for a wide range of customers.

Engage Employees

Reduce service center onboarding time from weeks to hours and improve performance
Empowering thought leadership to drive revenue growth
Motivate a workforce of millions to deliver accurate, quality data
Uncover sales strategies to motivate a remote workforce
Engage sales team to increase learning and team building at the annual sales kickoff event
Employee Community Collaborates to Transform Customer Service
Motivate a diverse community of instructors to collaborate more regularly and meaningfully with one another
Improve adoption and active use, drive opportunity management and enhance forecast accuracy in
Empower Partner Ecosystem to Become Sales Superstars
IHG revamped its approach to sales training, integrating gamification to improve sales representatives’ engagement
Senior IT Business Analyst Mahal Torres used Bunchball's digital engagement platform to improve social collaboration at a leading IT services provider and a leading bank
NetApp Accelerated Onboarding and Training and Maximized Sales Productivity
See How This Fortune 500 Medical Company Engaged Their Broker Team
See How Coopervision Saw an 8% Increase in Productivity
See How This Fortune 500 Company Gamifies Their Community

Motivate Customers

Boost viewer loyalty and revenues for Psych television series
Quadruple conversions from free trial to satisfied customer
Drive activity and engagement in an enterprise customer community
Boost voting by 237% and engage fans across screens
Inspire active contributors and grow traffic to a news site
Motivate tweens and teens to exercise and improve their health
Increase use and retention for education resource for entrepreneurs
More social sharing by 400% and site stickiness for an education site
Drive DVD sales and engage fans
Increased online engagement and in-store sales
Enhanced engagement for Rio film launch and Chiquita products
Increase revenue and engagement with brand enthusiasts
Build user-base for online food-delivery site
Drive viral awareness and audience engagement
Leverage social friend networks to increase brand awareness and viewership
Increase site engagement and social network activity
Raised awareness among target audience of young adults
Drive engagement and user-generated content
Increased engagement and product sales
Enhanced understanding of customer, increased user generated content and product sales
Increased length of site visits and gained customer information
Raised user generated interaction and site stickiness for a Syfy Game Center
Educated young investors of smart investment strategies
Drove sales for partner L’Oreal and engagement with telenovela fans
Increased marketshare in crowded mobile marketplace
Expanded viral awareness and community-generated content
Learn How Gamification Drives Engagement in a Global Community
Inspiring Financial Literacy in the Workplace
Using gamification to engage students with online learning
Global leader in the food and beverage industry evolved its loyalty programs to deliver a gamified social experience
EA Gamified its FIFA Fan Rewards Program to Drive Deeper Engagement