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Success Story


How J.Hilburn uncovered sales strategies to motivate a remote workforce

Goal: Increase sales at J.Hilburn, a custom luxury bespoke and ready-made menswear provider.

Challenge: J.Hilburn relies on 2000+ style consultant partners who work directly with customers to measure and design their custom clothing. Provide a consistent, high quality experience for customers with a remote, localized workforce.

Solution: Develop a three-tiered gamification experience to reward employee collaboration, sales, and ongoing education using Bunchball Nitro.

Step 1: Tailor personal challenges for employees to convert Style Partners to Senior Partners by awarding points for high value activities.

Step 2: Offer stylist challenges, showcase top performers, and highlight leaders in prominent locations to foster competition.

Step 3: Send winners down a virtual catwalk with badges and trophies for completing multi-step activities, sustained participation, and content sharing.

Results: J.Hilburn uncovered key sales and engagement strategies to motivate style consultant partners and increase revenue across the organization.