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Success Story


How LiveOps reduced onboarding time for call center agents from weeks to hours

Goal: Convert call center agents into brand ambassadors, measured by shorter call times and improved customer satisfaction rates.

Challenge: When LiveOps created a call center in the cloud and hired independent agents to handle customer service, it redefined the call center business. Instead of managing by command and control, LiveOps had to find a way to motivate and engage a highly distributed community of 20,000 independent call center agents who bid for work.

Solution: Turn a competitive community into a motivational social hub where independent agents learn, earn and showcase their accomplishments.

Step 1: Empower agents with badges and points to complete additional training modules and certification, and provide complete transparency into their performance.

Step 2: Reward points for increased call conversion, and the demonstration of specific skill attributes consistent with articulating the client’s brand quality objectives and culture.

Step 3: Inspire friendly competition by tracking points on public leaderboards, and recognizing top-performing agents with badges.

Step 4: Encourage collaboration through knowledge sharing, coaching and networking with badges and real-time feedback to boost reputations.

Results: Within one week of rollout, 80% of agents opted in and 75% return on a bi-weekly basis. Onboarding time was reduced from 160 hours to 14 hours and participating agents outperformed peers by 23% in average call handle time and boosted customer satisfaction by 9%.